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Our Process is as easy as 1 2 3


Swell Service is your one-stop provider of fast link to a faster, easier and revolutionary way to book and buy local services online in today’s busy world. We provide cleaning services, handyman, plumbers, electricians, local on demand services and many more like truck driver services, moving and storage services. We also provide work for those service providers that need extra work.


We offer reliable service providers a platform to offer their services and customers a platform to find reliable service providers. We are where customers meet service providers.


At Swell Service, we offer prompt service delivery at very affordable rates, from Petty errands, nannies, plumbers, mobile phone repairs, handyman, carpet cleaning, appliance repair and many more- all from the comfort of our homes using our computers, smart iPhone and android app or via our website. Our services are all about redefining home on demand services with excellence and exceptional quality to satisfy the needs of our valued customers.


We take our customers seriously and consider their satisfaction first; this is why we go extra mile to alert them at every point until the job is completed. Customer only pays after the job is done to their satisfaction. However, the total cost of executing the job is always made known to our customers before ordering for a service provider


We strongly believe you need a link or contact to getting the right, competent and genuine service provider in today’s online world  where home jobs (plumbing, air conditioning, handyman, carpet cleaning, appliance repair) is done through searches and reviews sites and still getting disappointment from late arrivals of technicians, surprising bills, job not done well and facing another problem of getting a qualified person to do the job again .Getting someone to come back to fix something not properly done requires even more work (assuming they return our calls at all). This is where we come in!


Swell Service has the experience and expertise to provide or hook you up with responsible, qualified, trusted and tested providers with experience who will execute your job to your taste and satisfaction. These are providers we trust and we know them to their homes.
Pay only after the job is completed Get to know the prices prior to ordering for a service provider.


We have answered the simple question below:

“Why can’t we book and buy local home services online, just like we order from an eCommerce website?”

We now have happy customers and service providers who have used our platform to do things for the better.

Today, we buy local services (think: plumbing, air conditioning, handyman, carpet cleaning, appliance repair) pretty much the same way our grandparents did, using a directory. It is true there are search engines and review sites, but even after spending hours scanning results and reading reviews, we still have to check references, call around to compare prices and to schedule a time for an appointment, and then give up half a day waiting for the technician to arrive. When the technician finally shows up to do the work, we are presented with a bill that is usually a complete surprise, and trying to get someone to come back to fix something requires even more work (assuming they return our calls at all). Needless to say, the current process is broken.

The good news is that we have finally provided a permanent answer to this question. We have spent a lot of time figuring out how to do it better. We looked at every part of the current process and tried to improve on each step. We call it Swell Service – a faster, easier, revolutionary way to book and buy local services online.



As a leading online home service provider, we appreciate the passion our customers have for our satisfying services.

We give you a 100% guarantee that you will enjoy our services and you will always ask for more. As Oliver Twist, “He asks for more”


So feel free to browse, shop in comfort and order your home service all from the comfort of your home.


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