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Australia’s Newest Way To Move

Moving across town can be a major problem. You have to find a mover, verify their services, arrange your schedule for moving according to the moving company’s schedule, and then potentially look forward to having to find your belongings because they got misplaced. You also may end up in an insurance battle for damaged furniture that goes on for years.
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There is an easier and softer way to move in Australia. Swell Service ( has brought the value of the gig economy to the moving industry in Australia.

The benefits of the gig difference are huge. The mover is an experienced professional that has all the certifications and licenses that are required. Many of the movers that sought the gig economy lifestyle are former employees of the big Australian moving companies. You get the benefits of their vast experience and they get the benefit of working for themselves.

Swell Service allows you to select from a large number of movers. You get all the facts about the person or company up front. You can see reviews from real clients that used the mover through Swell Service. The entire process is faster because you can do it all on your phone or computer.

The biggest benefit is the savings you get compared to the larger moving companies. There are no surprise added charges for a move. You know all the cost up front before you pick the mover that is just right for you.

You get no moving surprises. The movers show up when they said they would. The movers have the right sized truck for your move. The movers have all of the equipment on hand to move all of your belongings. Special equipment to move plants, animals, or a piano are assigned to you and you alone on the day you need to move.

One of the most exhausting and frustrating parts of moving is cleaning the old residence after your stuff is out and cleaning the new residence before you move in. Swell Service provides cleaning services that eliminates this problem. Professional cleaners can have your old place and your new place spotlessly cleaned. All you have to do is browse the selection on the and pick the cleaner that suits your needs and budget.

The gig economy is rapidly replacing many difficult to deal with companies in Australia. The individuals and companies that have become a part of the gig economy have a vested interest in your satisfaction. You get the service that you expect with none of the many problems that large companies want to impose on you.

Visit Swell Service and start planning a move that suits you. The time you save is just the beginning of the difference you will see in service, cost, and expertise.