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The Benefits of Using The Gig Economy To Hire Licensed Painters


The Benefits of Using The Gig Economy To Hire Licensed Painters


Now that the gig economy is on the rise, there are no shortage of benefits to be enjoyed by those who are seeking assistance with their painting projects. Did you know that there are a bevy of licensed painters who are just a click away? To get quotes and qualified leads, all you need to do is take a closer look into the Perth gig economy.


Licensed painters who are employed with different companies are not always easy to meet with on short notice. Let’s say that you have a project that needs to get done quickly and you do not have the time to go through all of the normal hoops in order to find the right person for the job.


Painting services

Gig Economy

With the gig economy, you can now get local quotes quickly and get more work done without the usual hassles. If there are any insulation services or insulation contractors needed in order to finish the job, you can also get via on demand services like . The manner in which we obtain the assistance that we need for jobs of this magnitude has been changed forever.


Thanks to these changes, we stand to benefit immensely. Gone are the days of having to rely on one local painter to provide us with a quote that we were forced to take or leave. Now, we have the freedom of choice that comes with having so many different options to select from. Who wants to be locked into an unfair deal with very little recourse?


No one does. A home or business owner that is looking to get a job done quickly without any unnecessary sacrifices will always look to the gig economy for assistance. Just imagine how much easier this process will become when you are able to get several free quotes from reputable local painters who are willing to assist you at a moment’s notice.


Free Quotes

These quotes are provided free of charge and they allow home and business owners to take their time when it comes to the selection process. While many are forced to take the first quote that they can find (and pay for the privilege of doing so), those who rely on gig workers to assist them with these endeavors are able to sidestep those sorts of concerns completely.


Isn’t it time that you found out more about what the gig economy has to offer you? Aren’t you tired of the same old same? These workers are here to help both parties accomplish the same goal and those who are willing to take a step back from the old ways of things are able to reap all of the benefits. Those who do not are merely subjecting themselves to the same issues that they have always faced.



Size Matter for Price


Size Matter for Price

Did you know that regulations are different state to state when it comes to painting?  Some states require your painter to be licensed to carry out any work in your home or office.

Licensing of trade professionals was introduced in some states to protect you from untrained and unqualified operators.

Unlicensed work is not only unlawful; it may also place the health and safety of you, your family and the tradie at risk.

If required, painters will need to be in possession of a painting licence. This will typically allow them to apply paints for a protective or decorative function.


Local Painter


Painting services available

Painters can carry out a variety of jobs, including:

Interior and exterior painting

Roof painting


Colour consulting

Timber maintenance

Spray painting

Office painting

Painting at heights

Commercial jobs

Painting is one of the best and easiest ways for you to lift the looks of your home or office therefore improving its value.

It is also one of the cheaper options available. Local painting experts at Swell service can help you identify the best colour match for your home or commercial painting needs but ultimately it would be you to make the final decision on which painting option to do.

Most painters would normally have samples and examples of work done in the past for you to compare and make a decision.

When it comes to painting cost the painter should be able to give you a FREE painting cost depending on your requirements.


Calculating Room Painting Costs

Going by past jobs done via swell service by local professional painters, the cost to paint an average size room (10X12) ranges from $300-$900, not including ceilings, trim or cost of the paint.

To come up with the cost of painting,   painters at swell service first need to know the size of the area to be covered. The easiest way to calculate the size of the paintable area is to add together the length of the wall and multiply it by the width of the room from floor to ceiling. The resulting amount is the room’s square footage.

The square footage is a good starting point, as it is not all paintable surface. For example the painters won’t paint the windows and doors, and they must account for ceiling trim and baseboards as well.

The next step is to subtract the area of the doors and windows — along with the square footage of the trim and baseboards — to get an average. Then, use the same calculation (length x width) on the windows, doors, trim and baseboards, and subtract all of those numbers. The result of this equation is the square footage of the room’s walls. This is your surface area number. (Painters will typically add a little square footage back in to this amount to account for extra paint, which may be required.).


Painting Cost Factors

Below are some of the factors to consider when coming up with cost for painting a room.


Size of Room to be Painted

Size matters and is very important as they say. Also as discussed above size is very useful in coming up not only with the amount of paint to be used but also the painting labour time and ultimately cost.

When estimating the paint for any job, keep in mind that a gallon of paint covers about 400 square feet (though the label claims it will cover 450 square feet). You will be charged for the number of paint cans needed, among other factors.


Textured Walls

A textured wall will need more paint than a smooth wall so expect to pay more for a textured wall. Even though the square footing could be the same textured surfaces tend to suck up more paint therefore costing more in labour and paint. To work out the extra cost painting experts will estimate the textured area to be painted.

Painters will probably estimate about 300 to 350 additional square feet of paint to account for texture.


Speed Factor

Speed will depends on several factors, for example access to the area, initial work required prior to painting commencing, shape of surface and more. This will help the painter in coming up with the actual cost of the job.

Some painters have more experience and cover a wall faster, but some are more methodical and take more time. Most painters should be able to cover about 100 to 120 square feet of flat surface in an hour, unless they are working on a very large wall. Wood or plaster might reduce that amount to 80 to 100 square feet. You should also consider the time required for a first coat to dry before a second coat may be applied. This will add time as well — anywhere from one to 48 hours depending on the paint.


Number of rooms to be painted

The number of rooms to be painted is important and the location of the rooms for example if the rooms are next to each other it would be easier and faster to paint the rooms than if there was a room in between for example.

If you are to paint the rooms in different colours it would also take the painter more time to complete the job.



Painting Services near you


 Painting Services near you


If you are lucky to live or work near a coastline it is also important to understand the effects caused by salt corrosion especially to your painting work. Salt in the moist air may cause your property’s exterior to deteriorate at a rate of five to 10 times faster than inland exteriors.  At Swell Service our painting experts can give you advice and help in restoring your property to almost new.


Why should you hire a painter from Swell Service 


Expert Consultancy.


It is important to get a professional painter that understands the job and can treat the customer right.

At Swell Service our painting specialist are handpicked to ensure the customer receives the highest level of service possible at a price that in most cases is lower that most and without compromising on painting quality.


Quality Painting work and Products.


As stated above our painters have been tested and reviewed by other customers. Most are mostly an owner run business which is a good thing because they are very aware of their reputation as a business and would do anything to protect that.

Our painters use the best paint in the market and for a cheaper price as they get the paint in bulk.

Our painters are encouraged to provide the highest customer service level possible. You are encouraged to read reviews prior to hiring the service provider. You can check out their reviews on swell service and on other review site available on Google.


Wide range of Painting Services.


We have small, medium and large painting companies registered on our platform.

No job is big or small as the service providers vary and there is one near you. Get FREE quotes from local painters today!


Competitive Pricing.


Through the Swell Service platform you get FREE obligation free quote from local painting service providers. As there are several painting experts their prices generally need to be competitive for them to win the job. Do not feel the pressure to higher take your time and choose the right painting expert.


Easy Process!!

You do not need to make several calls to find the right painter. Through Swell service we have all service providers in one location. All you need to do is ask for a quote here and let us do the rest.


Licensed and insured

At swell service the painters and other services providers are fully licensed and they have the relevant documentations for the work they do. Our services providers also have insurance to cover you, the company and their employees.

Swell service is also a fully insured company so you can rest easy knowing that you are fully covered.


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