Clever Kitchen Cleaning Tips From The Pros


Clever Kitchen Cleaning Tips From The Pros

The germy, stained sink


Your sink does get used a lot and therefore there is a chance to get stained and messed up. And all you need is Cleaning Vinegar, baking soda, Dawn liquid soap and some elbow grease. Swell service has experts that can help with your kitchen cleaning needs.


The smelly garbage disposal


This idea is pure genius! This hack will not only clean and sanitize your garbage disposal, it will make your whole kitchen smell fresh and clean. Grab a few lemons, cleaning vinegar and put them into Ice Cube Trays for easy and handy individual uses. You can then throw that down the sink and the results will be amazing.


The crumb filled, mouldy fridge gaskets


Go check out the seals around your fridge doors. I’ll wait…

Are you grossed out? Not only do dirty gaskets breed bacteria, they can also severely decrease the efficiently of your fridge which will cost in you electricity bills.

Better get some Vinyl Gloves and a Filter Mask for this job. You will be using bleach. Don’t forget to wear old clothes too.


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