Earning Extra Money From home On Demand Services


Earning Extra Money From On Demand Services


Everyone could use more money. Money is always good. Most of us normal folks have not reaped the benefits of the “recovered” economy that politicians and pundits talk about. Becoming a member of an on demand service provider is an easy way to make a few extra dollars or a whole lot of dollars if you play it right.

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The new way to make money is based on the growing use of smart phones. Everyone in the world uses their phone to get things. The things that they get are not just what they buy from online stores. More and more people are using their phones to get instant service for anything you can imagine.


You need to think about Uber and how fast Uber has cornered the taxi market across the world. The same idea applies to marketing any service on Swell Service. The amount of money you can make depends on the service you offer, the quality of your work, and what social media says about you.



First of all you need a skill that is in demand. Any trade, cleaning, handyman, plumbing, moving,  teaching, tutoring, delivery, grocery shopping, garden work, yard work, auto maintenance, auto repair, computer repair, phone repair, and anything that people want done for them or want in a hurry is what on demand service and the money you can make from it is all about.


In most instances you go to your customer to do the work but some on demand services require that the client comes to you. You need to figure transportation costs into your pricing so you make a profit.


If you do great work you build great reputations. Swell Service makes this easier for you. You fill out a form on their site that lists your name, contact info, and the service that you provide. Swell Service takes 10 percent for every job you complete.


Swell Service uses all of the most popular social media sites to promote their services. Your service gets a free ad on the site so your potential clientele becomes huge rapidly without you having to do anything. You do not have to deal with creating your own page or dealing with SEO that makes you get first billing in searches.


You do not have to advertise. Good reviews of your work posted on Swell Service are all the ads that you need. You grow your enterprise by doing what you know how to do and doing it well.


The best thing about working through on demand services is that you retain complete control of your time. You work when you want to. The amount of extra income that you make is totally under your control.


The service economy has shifted to the phone and on demand services is the money maker for anyone that puts the effort into it.