Experienced end-of-lease cleaners


Experienced end-of-lease cleaners


Find the right end of lease cleaner to get your bond back or before putting your property back on the market.

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Types of end-of-lease cleaning services available


Surface clean or floor cleaning

The general state of a property will often be acceptable once a tenant has moved out, but far from perfect. Getting an expert to carpet cleaner or experienced cleaners to wipe the surfaces and make sure all the cupboards and drawers are clean is all it takes to get it ready for the next lease or for a tenant to get their bond back.


Deep clean

Some tenants may think that a quick vacuum and dusting will be enough to get them their bond back, neglecting to scrub the bathroom, remove soap scum, remove grout, clear out the fridge or properly clean the oven. You wil need a deep clean to ensure the property gets you the right tenants.


Full clean

Not all tenants have the best intentions and unfortunately, there are times when tenants leave a property in a complete unacceptable state. A full clean requires that everything is washed, scoured and given a thorough cleanse. At swell service we can provide the cleaning experts and carpet cleaners to help you ensure your property is put back on the market in an acceptable sate for the new tenants.

It’s all too common to have people move out of a rental property without giving it a thorough clean. Real estates or owners can rely on our cleaning services for their end of lease needs.


How to choose the right end-of-lease cleaning service


Read reviews

Read what other customers have to say about cleaning service provider listed on swell service prior to hiring them. At swell service we recommend that you hire highly rated cleaning experts over those that charge a cheaper price.


Consider your needs

Ensure that the cleaner that you hire is an expert in what you need. Some cleaners are good in regularly cleaning while others know their thing when it comes to end of lease cleaning. Make sure you ask the right questions to get the right end of lease cleaner or carpet cleaner.



You need someone that has the relevant cover for what they do. For example you do not want to be in a situation where you are paying for someone who got injured while cleaning your house or office.


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