Find the best removalist for your home or office move

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Find the best removalist for your home or office move


Use swell service moving specialists to pick the right removals service providers for your next move.

Types of removalist services




If you’d rather not pack, many removal companies will take care of that, just leaving you to unpack at the other end. This will help to lighten your load and make your move even easier.

Some moving companies even provide FREE packing boxes.


Heavy lifting


The most common job for any removal firm is to simply move the furniture and the boxes. They may provide cushioning and straps to keep everything secure during the move, but it’s up to you to pack boxes and make sure the contents are safe. Most will have lifting equipment to help make the job easier and speed up things which can be an advantage especially if being charged an hourly rate.




If there’s a time window between moving out of one property and into another, you’ll likely have to move your items into storage space. To make things easier, you can find a removals company that also has a storage facility to keep your items safe as you wait to get your new place sorted.



How to choose the right removalists



If you are trusting someone to move all your precious items, it’s important that they’re insured should something happen. Accidents do happen and no matter how careful you are you could still be unlucky. It is important to ensure that your removalist is fully insured for you to have that peace of mind during the move.




Price is not the only factor; we would argue that good reviews are equally important if not more. Highly rated service providers tend to be more efficient saving you money. Swell Service would normally recommend movers that are highly rated over those that charge a lower price.



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