Finding the Right Office Cleaning provider for Your Needs


Finding the Right Office Cleaning Company for Your Needs

If you’re a business owner, then you know how important office cleaning is. Just think of all the foot traffic you have coming through your doors every day. From morning until close, you likely see many different people and that dirt adds up. The bottom line is that first impressions are important and that includes your customer’s first impression of your business.

So how do you keep things clean? There is every day cleaning you can do of course—wipe up surfaces, dust and sweep. The fact though is that as a business owner, do you really have time to do that though? You’ll find that as you grow your business, one of the smartest decisions you make is to hire a professional office cleaning or commercial cleaning company. What is nice is that you can tell them exactly what you want and let them take care of scheduling and the task at hand.

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If you are looking for a great commercial cleaning company, be sure to ask about the following:

• Ask your colleagues for referrals. Many times finding a great office cleaning company is as easy as asking your neighbor who they use. They can stop by on their next visit to your neighbor and give you the quote you need.

• Tell your potential cleaning company about what services you require. Never assume that they do everything. You want to make an itemized list specifying what surfaces, what floors, what rooms, what windows, etc. you want taken care of upon their visits.

• Ask about negotiating. If you find that the initial quote is too high, ask about changing the schedule. Do you really need a commercial cleaning company to come every week? Can you manage with them coming every other week? Or coming every week but attacking half of the work you need each time? Can you combine your visit with a local business to cut back on travel costs?

• You also should ask if you can maintain some of the cleaning work to cut down the quote. For example, if you have an office runner, you could compensate them for and work it into their schedule to sweep at the end of the week. This may eliminate the need for your cleaners to do the job, thus cutting down on that cost.

• Find out when your cleaning company comes to do the job. Some companies work overnight to not disrupt the daily office flow. If you have a particularly busy office, this may be the best option. Other companies work during regular hours. Make sure that your cleaning company won’t disrupt your day and they are flexible to your needs.

Finding the right commercial cleaning company for office cleaning can be demanding and requires due diligence lucky you can now simply go to as they have all the cleaning services under one roof. They have compared prices and will guarantee excellent service.