Get your full deposit back by hiring the right bond cleaning service


Get your full deposit back by hiring the right bond cleaning service


If you are renting chances are when you move out the owner or the real estate will demand that their rental property be spotless before you return the property keys.


Types of bond cleaning services


Full cleaning service


During the move you will have a lot in your mind, moving service, new property keys, dumping old furniture, packing etc. Let someone take care of the full cleaning job and rest assured that you’ll be in good stead to get your bond back. This service includes everything from vacuuming and carpet cleaning, oven cleaning, grout cleaning, bathroom and toilet cleaning to having fridges emptied, skirting boards washed and cornices dusted.


Kitchen cleaning

There are times when you don’t need a full service, but as the kitchen is often the most used and grimiest area of the house, it pays to get professional help in this area. Find a professional to clean your oven, scrub your hob and clean the cupboard shelves all the way to the back.


Window cleaning

Depending on how strict your landlord/real estate is, you may need to clean your windows too. This is easy enough if you live on the ground floor, but units even up one flight of stairs add a new challenge. Rather than risk injury, find a cleaner with the right tools and experience to take on the job.

window cleaning


How to choose the right bond cleaning service



It is better to get a fixed quote with them giving a guarantee on their service.  Swell service cleaning experts are fully insured and experienced so rest assured that you will receive the highest service.



Read what other customers have to say about cleaning service provider listed on swell service prior to hiring them. At swell service we recommend that you hire highly rated cleaning experts over those that charge a cheaper price.



You need someone that has the relevant cover for what they do. For example you do not want to be in a situation where you are paying for someone who got injured while cleaning your house or office.


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