Easy hacks to spring clean your car


Easy hacks to spring clean your car


Below are some simple tips on keeping your car clean. You can also get car cleaning experts from swell service to help with all your car cleaning needs.


1. Get rid of the rubbish!


We try to keep our towns/ cities and home clean and therefore we try our best not to litter because it is illegal and just simple bad behaviour. Over time especially if you have children and pets you end up accumulating rubbish in the car, Could be drive-through takeaway wrappers, half-empty water bottles, disposable coffee cups, crumpled receipts, soft drink cans and more. Grab a bin bag, dive in and clear all of this crap out of your car. You know it’s in there. You might need a vacuum cleaner to get every bit out.


car cleaning items

2. Gather these handy household and two-dollar-shop items to give your car’s interior a better look


You need baby wipes, spray can, screw driver to get to tiny places, duster, and window cleaner.

These items will help you get the dirt out. It is important to not use rough materials as that can damage your car dash. I you need help from expert car cleaners do not hesitate to get in touch with Swell Service for quotes from local service providers near you.


painting spoonge


3. Get a painting sponge from you local shop.


The sponge is good or your car cleaning as it is soft and will fit perfectly between car air vents – just wiggle it around to collect all the dust that lurks in the gaps.


4. Clean up pets fur and other stuff


Pets are a joy but they also come with baggage. They tend to leave behind fur or sometimes could leave other deposits like urinate in the car.  Give your upholstery a light spray with water, brush downwards with a squeegee to clump the pet hair, and then pick it up then bin it. Or use it to weave your own yarn – whatever floats your boat.


5. Clean your cracks.


A flat screwdriver is perfect to help get to the tiny cracks in your car cleaning endeavour. Instead of using cottonwool might be economical to wrap a microfiber cloth around the screwdriver and then pop it into the cracks to remove the dirt. The longer the screwdriver the better cleaning job you get to do.


6. Use microfibre.


Use a clean cloth to dust everywhere from your dash to your car’s ceiling. You’ll likely be surprised by just how much dust accumulates above your head.

7. Give the outside a wash.


If you have a high pressure hose use it as it does a better job but a bucket will also give you good results. It is recommended that you use car cleaning detergents and not the one you use for dishes because you risk damaging your paint job otherwise.

car cleaning outside


If you prefer a professional cleaner to help with your car cleaning needs hit us up @swellservice