The Cleaning Service cost guide


The  Cleaning Service cost guide


We all like having a clean home or office, but we don’t always have time to get around to the actual cleaning part. There are also some cleaning jobs that are best left to the professionals. The cleaning experts at swell service are better suited and ready to help with all your cleaning needs, all you need is to get in touch.

Below is a guide on how much it will cost for the cleaning pros to do the job for you.


One-Time Deep Cleaning/ spring cleaning


For your house or office to look and fell fresh it is advisable to do a deep clean every now and then. Maybe you can do monthly/ quarterly or every six months depending on the use of the house and maybe if you have pets and children you might need to do deep cleaning more often.


Average Cost:  Depends on the size of the house and how much cleaning needs to be done.  As stated above if you have pets and children you might need to do more work that if you didn’t. The cost will start from $120 to $500 depending on your requirements and also will vary from state to start.


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Regular cleaning services


If you just want to do normal regular cleaning like mopping, bathroom clean, kitchen cleaning then you can get someone on an hourly rate agreement.

Average Cost: The average costs starts from $20 per hour to $60 and it all depends on experience, what needs to be cleaned, access, if they have to provide their tools and chemicals and off course availability. Cost will also vary from state to state.


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Carpet Cleaning


It is a recommendation to clean your carpets every 6 to 12 months. Carpets are most likely the dirtiest part of the house and that regular carpet cleaning will help keep away the dust that can cause diseases. If you have children and pets you might need to do your carpet cleaner more often.

Average Cost: A professional carpet cleaner will anything from $60 per room and will increase slightly with each additional room. There are also charges for stairs, walkways and landing area.


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Window Cleaning


Windows cleaning is recommended to be done bi-annually. Swell Service has several providers that can help with your window cleaning needs.

Average Cost: The price will vary based on the number of windows, screens, window height and whether any mineral deposits need to be removed.


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Gutter Cleaning


Gutter cleaning is a matter of maintenance — not just looking nice. Leaves, twigs and other debris can clog downspouts and force water to stand in your guttering. When this happens, gutters can be damaged and even pulled down.

Average Cost: This amount will vary based on house height, gutter size and gutter condition.



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Tile & Grout Cleaning


To keep your floors looking good you need to clean the grout that usually build up on the tiles. Swell service can assist with getting professional grout cleaning providers

Average Cost Depends on how much work needs to be done and the size of the property.



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Air Duct Cleaning

To keep your air-conditioning functioning it is important to regularly clean the air duct and replace the relevant filters or at least clean that out.

Average Cost: Will depends on several factors. Find out more from our professional air conditioning experts


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