The moving home checklist

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The moving home checklist


Moving into a new home or office may be exciting. But the move itself is rarely fun. To help you reduce those moving stresses see below some suggestions on what to do to lessen the burden. If you plan yourself moving day itself can go a little smoother.


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1. Book a removalist


Swell Service can help you secure a removalist for a reasonable price. You will receive quotes from local moving experts. It is a recommendation to book the moving service well in advance as the good reliable moving providers tend to have their calendar fully booked.


2. Book end of lease cleaners


Most real estate or owners will need their house cleaned and also carpets cleaned before you can hand over the key. If you want to receive you bond money it is important to get reliable experienced bond cleaners to sort out your cleaning. Swell Service will be able to get you quotes from local cleaning service providers. Click here to get a quote now.


3. Sort out your stuff


Living in one place for long, you end up accumulating junk. It is no use taking that junk to the new house therefore it is important to sort your belongings and throw away the stuff that you no longer wish to keep.


4. Go through the pantry, fridge and freezer


You will also find that your pantry, fridge and freezer will have lots of junk. We tend to buy stuff and store them away and in some cases forget and then keep stocking. It would be advisable to go through pantry, fridge and freezer and then throw away what you no longer need or might have expired.


5. Start packing Early


Get packing boxes and start putting stuff that is ready to be packed in them. The earlier you start packing the less stressful that moving date will be. Not also that most moving companies charge per hour so it would be advisable to have your belongings packed and ready to go. It would be a good idea to label the boxes accordingly so they know where the stuff with go at the other end and if fragile label that accordingly.

Swell service has moving providers that do offer FREE packing boxes, it is however important to book this early as they tend to run out very quick. Click here to book a moving service provider.


6. Sort out your insurance


Have your home and contents insurance in place before you move in. Call your insurance to find out what cover you have and if still valid. Swell Service moving providers have insurance of their own but will not in many cases cover everything.


7. Change your address and transfer utilities


You don’t want to be without phone, internet, cable TV, water, electricity and gas at the new house after you move. You also do not want to keep paying for the same at the old address so it will be important to disconnect at the old address and connect at the new address. You also should go to Australia post and get a redirection of mail so you don’t miss important mail that might be sent to the old address.


8. Make arrangements for children and pets


You might want to get a relative or friend to take care of your children and pets during the move. You could also organise to do the move while children at at school or at daycare.


9. Dismantle Furniture


As removalist charge per hour it is important that you have everything ready prior to the move. Dismantle your furniture and if possible have everything in an easy accessible place or the removalist. You should also label everything accordingly.