Top laptop & PC repairs near you


Top laptop & PC repairs near you


Choose the right computer technician to solve your computer problems

With Swell Service you get the job done efficiently with the right expert connection.  

Types of computer repair services available at Swell Service


We will help you figure out the problem

It might just be a button that is stuck or another simple issue. Computer experts at swell service will help you figure out what it is. A computer repair expert can help you find the root cause of the problem accurately, and effectively figure out a solution to fix it. Click here to get local computer repair quotes.   get a quote now  

Software issues

Might be that your software e.g Microsoft office, adobe or your other software might not be working or need to be activated. Our gig computer experts will help you figure out the issues and will be able to fix the issue for very reasonable prices. Our computer specialists are at hand to help. Get free quotes today.  

Virus and malware cleaning

  Your computer might be infected with viruses like ransom ware which could encrypt all your data leaving it unusable. Our computer specialist should be able to advice on the best way to stay protected and might even be able to get you free antivirus or some of the cheapest in the market. You might also have that annoying malware that keeps sending you pop ups. Get a computer expert from swell service to help by clicking here.  


  Maybe you have a cracked screen or maybe your printer is not working. We can help setup your network and to fix all your hardware issues for very reasonable prices. Hardware problems have to do with the physical computer itself and its physical components. This could include components like the internal battery or maybe the motherboard or hard drive issues.  

How to hire the right local computer technician




  Check that the person has a valid registered business and has the right qualifications to perform the job you want them to. IT has very varying skills and therefore it is important that you get the right professional for the job. For example a website development expert might not be the right person to fix your hardware issues. It would also be important if the business have insurance to cover you, the company and its employees. Always ensure you ask for a tax receipt after completion of the job.


Check their reviews via swell service and other reviews websites. You can simple Google the name of the company and add the word reviews.